Burss and rotative rasp


Roughing TG1 not hardened steels, aluminum and plastics. 
TG2 For hardened steels, cast steels, weld beads. 
TG3 is recommended for processing materials forming long chips. 
TG4 Suitable for machining of all metals, including hardened steels and materials resistant to corrosione.Consente optimal control of the cutter and reduces vibration. 
Good surface finish. The power tillers are constructed of steel HSS and carbide tungsten carbide ensure a strong and stable cutting of a wide range of materials. Ideal for deburring operations from the finish, are used on alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, plastic, hard wood. Wide range as regards the shapes and the dimensions depart from diameter 3 mm up to diameter 20.


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