Cuttehss and carbide tipped hole cutters


Manufactured from HSS-M2, the GP Core drilling Bore cutters are suitable for drilling steels up to a thickness of 50 mm, depending on the machine model to magnetic media.

The particular cutting geometry allows a perfect and quick evacuation of the chip and, therefore, a cutting speed of remarkable. Available in 30 mm and 50 mm deep, with diam. 12 mm to 65 mm with 19 mm WELDON attack, and UNIVERSAL QUICK-IN. Inch version 1 "and 2" deep diam. 1/2 "to 2" -1 / 2 WELDON attack with 3/4 ". Cutters cup recommended for all materials such as steel, IRON, ALUMINIUM, IRON up to a thickness of 7 mm. The tool is sold complete with shaft and tip with a spring for easy evacuation of the washer cut. Suitable for all drills, portable or bench. lubrication is recommended during use and to comply with the cutting speed indicated on p. 1/23 of this catalog .

SCARICADownloa catalog.

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