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The PERINO - IUR was born in Turin, Italy in 1945 as a manufacturer of rotary burrs HSS .
With the development of the concept of rotary cutting has become a factory specializing in the production of cutting tools.
PERINO - IUR has specific knowledge in the production hole saws and as a result is currently one of the largest manufacturers specialized in manufacturing drilling tools adapted to any type of material and of any depth .
The PERINO - IUR has been subject several times in attempts to imitate over the years without of course get to match the characteristics and performance of the tools produced by us .
However, the continued investment in advanced technologies are served in order to guarantee the highest quality products and the consequent contribution of all items "MADE IN ITALY" .
PERINO - IUR cares and provides a strong control of all manufacturing processes from raw material to packaging and delivery to the customer .
PERINO - IUR has sales subsidiaries in France, Spain , Greece, United Arab Emirates , United States of America and India.
We specialize in the production of milling machines such as:
- Core bits HSS and carbide magnetic machines for h = 30 and h = 50 M2 HSS and HSS M35 8 % Co Tin TiAlN
- Rotary burrs carbide and HSS
- HSS step drills
- In countersinks HSS and hard mtallo
- Drill
- Tips and drills for building
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